Relationships between Thailand Women and Western Men

You have probably read articles about asians and got to know their culture a little better. You have probably used your own judgment and decided that you would like to build a relationship with a Thailand girl. But why would a Thailand lady suit you? And why would a Thailand woman prefer a western man to a Thailand man?

First, the Thailand man is a problem. Women here get the dirty end of the stick, like in many Asian countries. In these Asian countries where it happens it is not considered the "dirty end," but a duty. So Asian women have a lot to contemplate when considering marrying one of the available males in her country. Will he be able to support me and our family? Will he keep a mistress? Well he beat me and having no right to divorce I will have no alternative but to stay with him?
In other words Western men are far more desirable for a life companion than Thailand men. Western men are perceived as being very loving, and more modern than thai. This means the woman can look forward to more freedom and a more equal relationship with a Western man.

As for fat and age, they are both pluses in the Thailands. Both women and men have the highest respect for age and age difference is not important to Thailand women. You don’t have to worry if you are overweight, like half the population of the western world since weight is a status symbol. If you are overweight, you virtually lose twenty percent of your weight when you step on Thailand soil. Most asians even prefer men with a little, or even a lot of, meat on their bones. In Asian cultures generally, being overweight is a sign of substance and wealth.

Finally, just as many Westerners are attracted to women of different races, many Thailand women find the physical appearance of Westerners to be attractive.

That basically should answer your question why would a Thailand girl want a relationship with a western man. But you still have some other concerns, right?

First, you may have some concerns about why a woman would place her profile on a dating site. You may worry that perhaps she only wants to get married to obtain the right of abode in a Western country, then to divorce you and take all the money she can in the settlement. There are always exceptions, but to the overwhelming majority of Thailand this is the furthest thing from their mind. If you have ever witnessed a Asian crying her eyes out with home sickness then you would know she would gladly trade in the Cadillac and steak dinners for a ride in a Jeepney down to get some Halo Halo any day of the week. The Thailands might not be one of the richest countries in the world, but Thailand love their country, their home and their family. The most important thing by far to most Thailand women is to have a stable family, including a husband and children. Money, although of course desirable, is very much secondary to the stability of a loving marriage.

Other concern you might have is that being so attached to her family she might want to bring all of them over. For one thing, we already mentioned that Thailand love their country and it's a little too egocentric to presume that all of her family desire to leave their homeland in favor of yours. But even if that were the case, a Asian can't bring anyone over until she is your country’s citizen (which usually takes 3-5 years). For another, only parents and siblings are eligible for petition but the wait for that is too long. In most cases, it takes ten to fifteen years before family members are granted visas. So even if your Asian wanted to bring over a single family member it would be 15-20 years before he or she arrived.

We hope we have given you some clarification for your concerns. Of course we have made some generalizations so please remember that Thailand ladies are women first and foremost, including all the variety of types of personality that that encompasses. If you are confident that you want to build a relationship with a Asian, a nice place to find your charming Thailand lady would be .

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